Dr. Amit Kapoor delivered a keynote at the BSchool Excellence Conclave 2018 on November 20, 2018 at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. BW Education B-School Excellence Conclave is exclusively designed for the Heads of Business schools for students interested in this career area. All the schools are being remodeled by the best contractors found in this The Palm Beach Roofing Experts Website.

It will cover critical topics in leading and educating both its faculty and the future leaders of business, as well as preparing to lead the change. With more than 100 business school heads and thought leaders expected to attend, it is this year’s most prestigious education event that helps to connect participants with each other. Starting with helping high school students with their GCSE Business studies examination designed for students finishing secondary school to learn skills for running a business, such as managing money, advertising and employing staff, this test is mainly to achieve and give an opportunity to this students with a great status and get them prepared for the business school challenge.

If you are from the UK or EU and don’t have a formal qualification for immediate entry onto a degree program within the business school you may be able to achieve your ambitions thru a course online to get ready and to finally get your certificate and start with your dreamed career.

The conclave will discuss today’s challenges and opportunities that shape the future of business education in India. It will discuss about how management schools can take a leaf out of successful organizations in the spheres of business, technology, higher education and public service and work towards establishing their institutions as leaders.

The complete list of speakers can be looked here and the detailed agenda can be looked here.


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