Innovation is today recognised as an important vehicle to the realise the goal of a New India. Accordingly, earlier this week, NITI Ayog released the first ever Innovation Index of the country. The report ranks Karnataka as the most innovative major state in India. Sikkim and Delhi are the most innovative among north-eastern & hill states… The Niti Aayog report examines the innovation ecosystem of Indian states and union territories. The idea is to devise a holistic tool that policymakers can use to identify challenges and strengths while designing strategies to promote economic growth. The “India Innovation Index” was launched in 2017 by NITI Aayog, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion and the Confederation of Indian Industry. Today in In Depth we will discuss the India Innovation Index report, the idea behind creating it, and the areas that the report has identified for sustained action to promote Innovation.

Dr. Kapoor was invited by Rajya Sabha TV to share his views on the India Innovation Index 2019. The complete video can be looked at

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