Dr. Amit Kapoor conducted an online consultative workshop with various stakeholders for the eCommerce Sector & State Innovation Vision of Karnataka on July 5, 2021.

The Indian E-commerce market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026. The number reflects change in consumer behaviour due to this disruptive and innovative business model that impacted the country with the advent of e-commerce in early 2000. Over the last two decades, the ecosystem has matured and the current conditions of the pandemic have brought about a significant shift in the consumer preference for online retail.

Karnataka is known to be the hub for the eCommerce Sector and not only attracts significant investments but has been playing a considerable role in improving the State logistics and warehousing infrastructure, promoting MSMEs and generating jobs. Propelled by internet penetration, higher smart phone usage, increasing consumer wealth, this sector is bound to only see an upward trajectory of growth and contributes significantly to the State GDP as well as its Innovation Ecosystem.

Karnataka is fast progressing towards becoming an innovation driven economy. The state has been nurturing & evolving a robust environment for Innovation Promotion in the country. India’s first Innovation Ranking by NITI Aayog- ‘India Innovation Index,’ positions the State at the top compared to various other States & UTs, two years in a row.  Taking these efforts forward and acknowledging that e-commerce has a huge role to play in promoting more and more innovations in the state, this Stakeholder Consultation for deliberating on “Promotion of Innovation in the eCommerce Sector” intends to gather recommendations and suggestions from all key players in the State.

Following indicates the session flow for the consultative workshop. The speaker names are indicative and may change as per availability of the speakers listed or alternate experts from the industry.

Part 1: 3:00 PM – 3:20 PM – Introductions

Time Slot Details
5-7 mins Welcome note by Ms. Meena Nagraj, IAS, MD KITS
5-7 mins Address by Mr. EV Ramana Reddy, IAS, ACS, Department, IT, BT and S&T
5-7 mins Address by Ms. Gunjan Krishna, IAS, Commissioner, Industries Department
3-5 mins Introduction to the subject, key objectives and panelists by Purva Chadha, SVP, Primus Partners
Onwards Session Moderation by Amit Kapoor (Founder and CEO, IFC) and Purva Chadha


Part 2: 3:20 PM to 4:30 PM – Panel Session

The panelists for the discussion will be:

  • Neil Castelino, Director Govt. Affairs, Flipkart
  • Mathang Sheshagiri, Amazon India, Public Policy
  • Varun Parihar, Lead – Corporate Affairs, Udaan
  • Ganesh Kollegal, VP Corporate Affairs, Swiggy
  • Prateek Dewan, Public Policy Lead, Dunzo

The panelists will be invited to give their views and recommendations on the following topics:

  1. Suggestions on the State Policy and Regulatory ecosystem for the growth of eCommerce Sector (identified as one of the Focus Sectors for the State Innovation Vision):
    1. Regulatory improvements and reducing compliance burden to promote ease of doing business in the e-commerce sector
    2. Views on making eCommerce a Sector for relevant procedures and compliances
    3. Any other specific challenges or suggestive improvements in the State Single Window System
  2. Views and recommendations on a potential State Logistics and Warehousing Policy
    1. Infrastructure (City Infrastructure, Logistics Parks, Warehouses)
    2. Investments
    3. Taxation
    4. Skilling
    5. Policy and Regulatory system including Labour Laws
  3. State interventions for promoting Innovation in the Sector
    1. Any specific strategic interventions to promote innovations and Startups
    2. Any policy enablers to promote the growing tech trends in the eCommerce Sector including AI, AR, ROBO (Research online, buy offline),
    3. Could Regulatory Sandboxes at State level support advancements in technology?
    4. Suggestions on any state enablers for higher interactions and collaboration between MSME’s and eCommerce Giants to enable access to domestic & interventional markets, credit & payment facilities, brand building, training & education camps, and knowledge sharing
  4. How can Make-in Karnataka be promoted through e-commerce?
    1. Improving sourcing from MSMEs in Karnataka to sell on the platform
    2. How can local consumption of local produce be improved?
  5. Enabling or scaling eCommerce as a platform for Rural Enterprises
    1. Improving last mile connectivity to provide access to rural sellers and consumers
    2. Increasing and improving rural consumption
    3. Any policy interventions to assist that journey
    4. Any opportunities to leverage the Beyond Bengaluru Initiative towards this objective?
  6. Skilling efforts in the State for growing workforce requirements of the Sector
    1. Does the Sector have adequate skills and workforce numbers in the State?
    2. Any migrant worker issues in the pandemic?
    3. How can the government support skilling for improving job opportunities in the state?
    4. Any ongoing joint collaborations or interventions on Skilling which require further impetus?
  7. Driving sustainability in the e-commerce Sector
    1. Green eCommerce Initiatives (Public and Private)
    2. Higher visibility and branding for sustainability focussed products
    3. Reduced and eco-friendly packing and shipping
    4. Promotion of resale marketplaces
    5. Recycling Policies


Time Slot Details
3-5 mins Closing Remarks by Moderators
3-5 mins Vote of thanks by Ms. Meena Nagraj, IAS, MD KITS


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