The Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance (GTIPA) will held its Third Annual Summit a high-level, conference focused on innovation policy and how policymakers in developing countries can implement the “best practices” that have been employed in other countries.

Attendees of this event consisted of representatives from GTIPA; experts on trade, globalization, innovation, and IP policy issues; Mexican leaders from the business, academic and policymaking communities; and members of Mexican Federal Government, Deputies and Senators.

Dr. Amit Kapoor was a panelist in the session wherein the discussion revolved around exploration of the public policy issues that countries need to address to stimulate life-sciences innovation in developing countries. The summit was organised on June 13, 2019 in Mexico.


  • Jasson Urbach, Free Market Foundation;

  • Stephen Ezell, ITIF

  • Kelly Anderson, GIPC Representative

  • Amit Kapoor, India Institute for Competitiveness

Moderated by: Jessica Beitman, Fundación IDEA

More details about the summit can be looked here.

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