PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ created a mass movement towards a lifestyle for the environment and this propelled people to make the change said Institute for Competitiveness Chairman Dr Amit Kapoor on April 29 while speaking to ANI. He also said that ‘Mann ki Baat’ was a personal conversation that the Prime Minister was doing about practical subjects that matter to us daily.Dr Amit Kapoor said, “There is this very unique experiment that is happening wherein you can create a conversation with the citizens of the country. There were five key things that we did see. Mann ki Baat has brought a huge behavioural shift in people be it cleanliness, sanitation, or vaccination and this all came about with the kind of conversations that the Prime Minister was doing. It allowed citizens to see what is it that is happening around the world. The conversation was very simple. It was a personal conversation that the Prime Minister was doing, and it was about practical subjects that matter, something that mattered to us daily.” “We looked at all the 99 episodes. We did some qualitative and quantitative analysis on it and the themes that we identified were Cleanliness and Sanitation, Health, Wellness, Water Conservation, and Sustainable Development. He was bringing that public action. There was one very important factor that he was pushing people towards what you would call the lifestyle for the environment and this was propelling people to make the change,” he added.

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