Dr. Amit Kapoor moderated the round table discussion on “An Overarching Framework for Digital Intermediaries”. The round table was organized by Institute for Competitiveness, India in association with Primus Partners. The panellist included Sasmit Patra, Member of parliament, Government of India; Adarsh, Managing Director, Primus Partners; Rajeev Arora, Additional Development Commissioner, Meghalaya; Ms. Shiva kumar et al.

The Information Technology Act of 2000 served as India’s foundational legislation for regulating the Internet. At that time, the Internet was primarily utilized for basic email communication on a limited scale. However, significant changes have occurred over the past two decades. We are now witnessing a shift towards an automated world where artificial intelligence (AI) models are permeating various aspects of technology. While the Internet has made notable contributions to our economy and simplified our lives, it also presents its own set of challenges that are increasingly difficult to address. Currently, India boasts a staggering number of 759 million active Internet users, with significant penetration in rural areas. The country is experiencing a notable increase in the adoption of digital payments, as evidenced by 338 million individuals using digital payment methods in 2022, which reflects a 13% growth compared to the previous year. Additionally, online shopping is on the rise, with a substantial 51% increase in this activity.

As a result, countries worldwide are reevaluating their Internet laws, and India is also partaking in this process. Across the globe, laws such as the EU’s Digital Services Act, the UK’s Online Safety Bill, and Australia’s Online Safety Act reflect a common theme of increased regulation to address the prevailing challenges of the internet. The Digital India Bill (DIA) is expected to govern the broader digital-tech-cyber domain, addressing contemporary challenges and exerting a profound impact on the digital ecosystem and all stakeholders involved. To delve into the details and nuances of the DIA, Institute for Competitiveness and Primus Partner are jointly organizing a series of workshops over the coming months.

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